Webword provides translations into every European and all major Asian languages. Quickly. Correctly. Reliably. To that end we work exclusively with professional native speakers.

Our core strength: the translation of manuals, operator and user guides, assembly instructions, brochures, tenders, etc., etc. We certify all documents of legal relevance.

Our area of speciality lies in the technical and business field. Our translators tailor language style and terminology to each text's content and target group.

In order to ensure the consistency of our translations, we build up client-specific terminology databases so that the translations match your corporate identity.

When working on updates, e.g. of operating instructions, we use bilingual databases and draw on the original version. That enable us to achieve a fast turnaround and to offer favourable terms.

Can I have a quotation in advance?

With pleasure! Simply send us the text and let us know the language(s) into which you would like it translated.

How can I send texts to [web]wo:rd?

Very easily! By e-mail. If your files are very large, please ring us up and we'll give you the access details to our server.

I have the texts that need translating only in paper form and they are urgent. What should I do?

Send them to us by fax at +49-2384-960538 or scanned as an e-mail attachment.

How quickly does [web]wo:rd provide

Texts of up to three A4 pages can be translated within 24 hours and texts of up to 10 A4 pages within three working days. For larger volumes we will gladly give you a delivery date on request.

How do I place an order with [web]wo:rd?

In writing, by e-mail or fax, attaching the texts to be translated. A short time later, you will receive our order confirmation.

What can I do as the client to aid the quality of the translation?

In the case of translations of, for example, operating guides, manuals and advertising materials we work very closely with you or the preferred contact. In the event of any queries or anything that is unclear that helps us to clarify matters faster. If any publications, glossaries or prior versions of the documents to be translated already exist, it would be best if you could provide us with them. That enables us to ensure that all your translations have a consistent style.

How do I pay you?

You will receive an invoice from us as a PDF. This is payable by the statutory payment deadline of 30 days. If you need your order number on the invoice, please let us have this in the e-mail that you send to place the order.

How do you ensure the non-disclosure of our confidential documents?

[web]wo:rd and all our translators treat the information and documents that you provide us with strictly confidentially. The translation profession has voluntarily committed itself to a strict code of non-disclosure.

Our clients

This sample selection of companies is shown as a representation of the many clients that have availed themselves of our translation expertise over many years.

  • Bosch
  • Cassel Messtechnik
  • Plaut
  • IBS
  • Palfinger
  • itelligence
  • it:text!
  • Wella
  • Atelier Türke

Criteria of translation quality

Complete, linguistically perfect and correct in content: those are the criteria by which we translate from language to language. Based on EN 15038, we proof read every translation.

Our translators are masters of their mother tongue. All have relevant education with a degree in translation from a major university and many years of professional experience. As language is living and constantly evolves, they are resident in countries where the national language is also their mother tongue.

The high quality of our work can be recognised by a sureness of style and a form of words adapted to the intended reader. We will therefore always ask you to let us know the target audience for your translated texts.

You can reach us in person every day from 8am to 8pm CET.

Is your translation especially urgent? Then before sending over your documents, please agree a delivery time with us.

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